The Boy and the Blue Moon by Sara O’Leary and illustrated by Ashley Crowley

This is a magical picture book about the power of imagination to take you on spectacular journeys and then returning again to the place you love – home. On the night of a blue moon, when “anything can happen,” a boy and his cat go for a walk through the forest. As they walk, imagination takes over: they hear dragons singing, they cross a bridge and a lake appears where there was no lake before. By the shore there is a boat and they steer to the middle of the lake. As the boy wishes to visit the moon, the boat begins to swirl and transports them to the moon. On the moon, the boy and the cat play, until the boy begins to miss home, so he and the cat fly back down to earth and into the boy’s bedroom, landing safely in bed. The atmosphere of the book is one of quiet wonder with evocative, dreamy illustrations done primarily in shades of blue with a bright moon and stars illuminating the scenes.


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