My Big Dog by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel

This is a cute and warm-hearted picture book told from the perspective of a grumpy cat when a puppy invades his home and upsets his daily routine. Merl likes things his way and is king in his house. It is HIS dish, HIS sofa, His toy mouse. Until: the family brings home an adorable golden retriever puppy who is intent on making friends with the curmudgeonly Merl, constantly following him and giving him sloppy kisses! Once the growing puppy, named Violet, is bigger than Merl, he decides it is time to leave. He tries out several new homes, but none work out. A nice old lady dresses him up ridiculously, a farmer wants him to stay in the barn, not the house, and two children fight over him. Merl ends up alone out in the rain. Until: Violet shows up, picks Merl up by the scruff, and carries him back home! Merl decides that maybe home is the best place for him after all, even with HIS dog sharing the house. The illustrations are darling and it is fun to see how the puppy slowly wins Merl over. Merl’s experiences outside his home help him to realize what a nice home and family he has and to better appreciate them.


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