Max and Bird by Ed Vere

This is a cute, warm-hearted, and very funny picture book about friendship. Max is a kitten and Bird is a baby bird. They decide to be friends, but Max says there is a problem: kittens chase and eat birds, “it’s a rule of nature.” “But friends don’t eat each other up!” Bird points out. He says that friends help each other out, so if Max teaches him how to fly, he’ll consider letting Max chase him. Max agrees, but then realizes that he doesn’t know how to fly either. What to do? Go to the library, of course! But even after learning all about flying, neither Bird nor Max is able to fly at first. They even ask a show-off pigeon for help. But then, making another attempt, Bird is able to get off the ground for a few seconds! Bird then asks Max if Max still wants to eat him, since “a deal’s a deal.” Max thinks about it, but decides he would rather have a friend than a snack, and the two go off together, with Max watching Bird do his first loop-the-loop. This is the third book about Max, following Max the Brave and Max at Night. With cartoon illustrations that paint Max and Bird as adorable with huge, expressive eyes.


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