My Pillow Keeps Moving! by Laura Gehl and illustrated by Christopher Weyant

This is a fun picture book about a homeless dog who really wants to be adopted by a certain gentlemen, but he isn’t so sure, so the dog does everything she can to win him over. The bespectacled man walks into a pillow store to buy a pillow. Outside are the dog and a cat, huddling together for warmth. The dog follows the man into the store and sneaks out with him in his bag. But the man is unhappy with his pillow – it keeps moving! The store won’t take it back, though. “Is your pillow soft?” “Is your pillow fluffy?” So the man keeps the pillow. Next he goes to buy a footstool and then a jacket with the same results: the footstool barks and the jacket is stinky, but they are both comfy, warm, and don’t tip over, so no returns. On each trip to the different stores, we catch a glimpse of the cat outside the store, keeping an eye on his dog friend. Finally, the man decides that though not much as a jacket, the dog makes a fine companion. He names her Jackie. Very sweet. I especially love the ending, when the man goes out to buy a hat, and the dog doesn’t forget her cat friend who is also in need of a home, but comes through for him so they both find a loving home. Delightfully silly and warm with hilarious cartoon illustrations.


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