Lucy Rescued by Harriet Ziefert and illustrated by Barroux

A young dog named Lucy is adopted from the shelter by a family – a little girl and her parents. When Lucy first arrives in her new home, she is afraid and howls constantly. The family tries numerous things to stop the howling, including treats, a comfy dog bed, and even a trip to a dog psychologist, who suggests playing soft music for Lucy. But nothing works. Her family is at their wit’s end and considers returning Lucy to the shelter. The little girl tries one last thing: she gives Lucy her favorite stuffed animal. This does the trick! Lucy stops howling and settles down to sleep with the stuffed animal. However, the little girl is upset when, the next day, Lucy takes more of her stuffed animals, including one she doesn’t want to share with Lucy. This problem is resolved when the little girl generously allows Lucy to keep that stuffed animal and also shares some other toys she is willing to part with and her parents buy Lucy some new plush dog toys. Now Lucy is happy, playing with her toys during the day and sleeping with them at night.

This book imparts an important lesson for both children and their parents when adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group. Dogs who have been abused or abandoned may be damaged psychologically and frightened. They need time to adjust to a new family and home. It doesn’t mean they don’t make wonderful companions; just that they may need time before they are comfortable in their new surroundings and with their new people. Kindness and patience is the key. Rescue dogs need comfort and security, which Lucy found through the stuffed animals.


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