Frank the Seven-Legged Spider by Michaele Razi

A picture book about self-acceptance, particularly in the face of disability or physical differences. Frank is a spider who enjoys spinning beautiful, intricate webs and scaring humans with his webs. Then one day, he wakes up missing one of his eight legs. One of his spider friends asks him, “Are you still a spider?” This question upsets Frank a lot and makes him question his identity. He loves being a spider, he wants to be a spider. So he thinks he must find his missing leg. After getting the hang of walking with only seven legs, Frank sets out on a journey searching for his leg. The illustrations convey humor as we see Frank looking in several places, including the nose of a man sleeping on a park bench (no, that’s not Frank’s leg, just a nose hair), but the leg cannot be found. Frank is desolate, wondering what he is now if not a spider. Then he meets a group of ants. He shares his story with them and they don’t see the big deal; after all, one of them lost an antenna, but is still an ant. This makes Frank think and he realizes that he can still do all the things he used to do: spin webs, move, and jump. This confirms that he is still a spider and he is happy again, smiling and making webs to scare the man in the park. It’s all about attitude in the face of difficulties is the message conveyed in this uplifting story.


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