Love, Santa by Martha Brockenbrough and illustrated by Lee White

A beautiful, heartfelt book about the true spirit of Christmas and giving, for children who have discovered that Santa Claus isn’t real, written by a mother for her daughter. The story is told through a series of letters written to Santa Claus by a young girl named Lucy. In each letter, Lucy gets a reply from Santa. The letters begin when Lucy is five years old and each year, we see Lucy’s growth as her letters become more sophisticated, until when she is eight years old, Lucy writes to her mother instead of Santa Claus, asking her mom if she is really Santa. Lucy’s mother’s reply is a gem. She explains that she is not Santa because Santa isn’t any one person, but something bigger that involves people having faith – in their family, themselves, and in love, which is what our parents give us when they foster our belief in Santa Claus and light up our young lives with the joy and specialness that Christmas brings. In the end, Lucy delivers gifts and donations to others and this makes her feel she too is a part of Santa Claus. With lovely watercolor illustrations and a layout in which each letter Lucy writes to and receives from Santa is included in an envelope glued to the page.


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