Baabwaa and Wooliam by David Elliott and illustrated by Melissa Sweet

This is a hilarious picture book about two staid best friends who get more than they bargained for when they decide they need some adventure in their lives. Baabwaa is a female sheep who loves to knit, and Wooliam is a male sheep who loves to read. Their days consist of sitting together knitting and reading. Until one day, Wooliam, after reading an adventure story, decides they need an adventure of their own. They go for a walk around their field where they are confronted by another sheep, or so they think. It is actually a wolf! Wooliam realizes their danger and warns Baabwaa to run because it is the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing that he has read about. The two are chased by the wolf, but the wolf is intrigued to hear Wooliam’s words, so he stops the chase to ask Wooliam if he’s really read about him. Wooliam shows him the book as proof, but it turns out the wolf doesn’t know how to read. Baabwaa volunteers the reluctant Wooliam to teach the wolf to read and in the meantime, she knits a new coat for him! Infused with lots of humor and excitement, this is a charming book about unexpected friendships and the richness friendship brings to our lives.


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