The Little Reindeer by Nicola Killen

This is a sweet and simple Christmas story, reminiscent of The Polar Express. A little girl named Ollie who has a fascination with reindeer (we can tell by her reindeer pajamas, stuffed animal, wallpaper, bookends, drawings, etc.) awakens to the sound of bells on Christmas Eve. She goes outside with her sled to explore, where she finds a collar of silver bells in the forest, stuck on a branch. Then out of the trees steps a beautiful reindeer, who allows Ollie to place the collar around his neck. He then gives her a magical ride through the sky, bringing her back to her house. The next morning, among her presents is a snow globe with a reindeer inside, which makes for a lovely ending to an enchanting story. The illustrations are muted, except for touches of red and silver throughout, and the book also includes die-cut windows that show you a glimpse of the illustration on the next page.


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