Bruce’s Big Move by Ryan T. Higgins

The third book in the delightful and hilarious Mother Bruce series. In the two previous titles, a grumpy bear named Bruce ends up the adoptive parent of a group of goslings who mistake him for their mother. They are now living together as a family, with a group of mice also making themselves at home in Bruce’s den, much to his annoyance. Try as he might, the mice will not leave. Bruce finally can’t take it anymore and packs up the geese and moves. But the geese miss their mice friends and are listless. In the end, the mice show up in a moving van and normalcy (with all its chaos and noise for Bruce) is restored. With bold, detailed illustrations that add to the hilarity. I love these books – they are so funny and also sweet and touching, as Bruce is a wonderful provider in spite of his curmudgeonly ways and they make a lovely if unconventional family.


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