Chicken Big by Keith Graves

This is a very funny take on the Chicken Little tale. In this story, a huge egg hatches a huge chick. The others chickens in the barn are confused – they can’t comprehend this enormous animal is a chicken like them. One thinks it must be an elephant. The chick is not welcomed in their henhouse and has to sleep outside. Then, as in the original tale, an acorn falls on one of the chicken’s head and they all run, thinking the sky is falling. Only the enormous chick understands that it is just an acorn. Now the chickens think the animal must be a squirrel, since elephants don’t eat acorns. When it starts to rain, the chickens again run, thinking the sky is now leaking. Only the chick understands it is rain. He uses his large body to shelter the other chickens from the rain. So now he must be – an umbrella! When the wind blows, the chick shelters the other chickens from the cold and so they think he must be a sweater. Finally, when the chick rescues their eggs from a fox, the other chickens realize the only thing someone so smart and brave could be is – a chicken! And he is welcomed in the henhouse. A sweet and laugh-out-loud story of belonging.


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