There Might Be Lobsters by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by Laurel Molk

A delightful, sympathetic, and funny book about overcoming your fears. Sukie is a small dog with a big fear of the beach. She will not join her girl Eleanor to play on the beach, despite Eleanor’s encouragement. Sukie’s sad face is contrasted with Eleanor’s enthusiasm as she continues to encourage Sukie with cries of “Come on, Sukie, you can do it!” Sukie has all kinds of worries – the waves are big, the beach ball might hit her in the nose, and there might be lobsters. So Sukie watches Eleanor play with an anxious look on her face and her beloved Chunka Munka stuffed monkey by her side. But then Chunka Munka is swept away by a wave and Sukie loses her fear in her concern for her favorite toy. She swims after Chunka Munka and rescues him from the waves, bringing him safely back onto shore. This act of heroism makes little Sukie feel big: though she is small, Chunka Munka is even smaller and she was able to save him. The rest of the day, she is able to enjoy the beach and not a lobster in sight! With cute and humorous illustrations (notice the seagulls and their thieving ways).


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