Caterpillar Dreams by Clive McFarland

This is a sweet and gentle picture book about a caterpillar with big dreams and the adventure he goes on. Henri lives in a garden, but he dreams of flying and seeing the world beyond his garden. Some of his friends discourage him from embarking on an adventure, but Toad tells him, “Here’s the thing with dreams….If you don’t chase them, they always get away.” So with the help of some new friends, Henri makes it over the garden wall, across the road, and across the lake. There he discovers a hot air balloon and is about to take off on his great adventure when a cocoon forms around him. Henri thinks his dreams are done. Children will delight in having knowledge that Henri doesn’t – knowing what change is coming to Henri. When Henri emerges from his cocoon, he is of course a butterfly and his dreams of being able to fly are realized. In a charming ending, Henri chooses to fly back home, “the most amazing, incredible, impossibly possible place of all.” A feel-good read with a message about chasing your dreams as well as appreciating what you already have.


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