The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

A boy named Liam lives in a city where there are no trees or any green plants. One spring day, while exploring an abandoned railroad track, Liam discovers a little patch of garden growing among the tracks. But the plants are clearly dying. So Liam decides to try to help the garden, though he has never gardened before. He waters and prunes and sings to the plants. They slowly begin to liven up. Then the garden begins to spread along the railroad. The following spring, the garden spreads even further, extending beyond the railroad into the city. As the garden spreads, the residents of the city begin to garden and in time the city turns from gray and dreary to green and alive. The book, inspired by the real garden of New York’s High Line Park, demonstrates that even in cities, nature can co-exist with man. With acrylic, fun illustrations that show the progress of the garden over time.


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