Lost Cat by C. Roger Mader

A lost pet story with a happy ending. Slipper lives a happy life with her person, Mrs. Fluffy Slippers. When Slipper gets accidentally left behind in the confusion of moving, she chases after the moving van, but ends up lost. So Slipper decides a find a new person to adopt her. She meets a number of candidates in her travels, but rejects them all. She then finds a little girl and goes home with her, only to discover that the little girl is Mrs. Fluffy Slipper’s granddaughter! Thus the cat and her person are joyfully reunited. The book has striking, life-like illustrations done in pastels that set it apart. The expression on Slipper’s face when she is reunited with her person is blissful. The book was inspired by a cat that Mader adopted when found on his doorstep and that cat is the model for Slipper.


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