Rules of the House by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Matt Myers

A funny take on sibling rivalry. A little boy named Ian always follows the rules. But his older sister, Jenny, never follows the rules. When they go on vacation, the house where they are staying has a list of four rules: no mud on the bearskin rug, no hair in the bathtub drain, replace wood burned in the stove, and don’t open the red door. Ian follows these rules, of course. After Jenny breaks all of the rules, the house takes its revenge: the bear, tub, and stove come to life and are going to make soup out of Jenny! At first, Ian thinks Jenny is getting what she deserves and he beats it out of there, leaving Jenny behind. But then he decides that there should be a rule about saving your sister from monsters and he comes up with a clever way to send the monsters back through the red door. With humorous, exaggerated illustrations that lighten the tone.


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