Little Home Bird by Jo Empson

A little bird loves his home and all his favorite things, including his favorite tree branch, the berries produced by the trees, wind chimes that make music, his nest, and the view from his perch. But when fall comes, his brother tells him they must leave this home and go to their second home where it is warm and there is food for them. Little Bird is sad, but he feels better when he realizes he can take his favorite things with him. So he packs up and begins the long journey with the rest of the birds. However, the journey is long and his load is heavy. Soon Little Bird begins to lose his possessions. The book cleverly shows these possessions being found by others who benefit from them. For example, a dog finds the bird’s favorite branch and has great fun playing fetch with the branch and chewing on it. A lonely shepherd in the hills finds the wind chimes and is comforted by the music. And when Little Bird reaches his new home, he finds new things that become his favorites and so he is happy. A lovely book with gorgeous illustrations.


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