Unlike Other Monsters by Audrey Vernick and illustrated by Colin Jack

Zander is a monster, his parents are monsters, strangely, his sister is a fairy (and his pet is a skunk). Monsters don’t have friends, so Zander spends his time in normal monster pursuits – scaring children, scrapbooking, and surfing. One day when surfing, Zander sees a bird watching him. The bird is there for the next several days. Zander and the bird nod at one another each day until Zander invites the bird to sit next to him on the sand. The others monsters comment on this. When they mockingly ask Zander if the bird is his friend, Zander says no. This hurts the bird’s feelings, but he still returns the next day. Zander feels an emptiness inside him after denying the bird was his friend. He asks his sister about her friends (fairies are allowed to have friends) and what they do together. The next day, he and the bird talk and share food and surf together. Zander isn’t sure if they are friends or not, but he knows he looks forward to seeing the bird each day. An unusual story about friendship, lovely and warm with gentle humor.


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