A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young

Lucy sends away for a unicorn and is so excited making plans for the two of them. He will be blue and pink and named Sparkle, she’ll ride on his back, and her classmates will love him when she brings him for show and tell. However, when Sparkle arrives, looking suspiciously like a goat, he is not what Lucy imagined. He eats the underwear off the clothesline and the garland of flowers Lucy puts around his neck, he smells bad, doesn’t listen, won’t let her ride him, and behaves poorly when she drags him to show and tell. Lucy is so disappointed in Sparkle, she decides to send him back. But that night, there is a thunderstorm and it turns out Sparkle is afraid of storms. Lucy comforts him. The next morning, she realizes she likes him sometimes, but still she lets him be loaded into the truck to take him back. But in the end, she can’t let him go and takes him back with the words “welcome home!” A sweet story about learning to love what we have and letting go of unrealistic expectations. The text is accompanied by humorous watercolor illustrations by the author and glitter on the cover.


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