The Wolf Who Visited the Land of Fairy Tales by Orianne Lallemand and illustrated by Eleonore Thuillier

A funny picture book with a different take on the big bad wolf of most fairy tales. Wolf wants to bake an apple cake for an upcoming party. But he doesn’t know how to bake! So he sets off in the forest to find someone who can help. Along the way, he meets a number of familiar fairy tale characters, all of whom at first fear him, thinking he wants to eat them, but then trust the good-natured wolf. Each of the characters he comes across gives him something he needs for his apple cake – a recipe, flour, eggs, etc. In the end, the wolf bakes the cake and his new friends join him at the party. A recipe for apple cake is included. The book contains silly, colorful illustrations to go with the story, which teaches a nice lesson about stereotyping and friendship. There is a series of books about Wolf, originally published in France and now available in English in the United States.


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