Gone Fishing: A Novel in Verse by Tamera Will Wissinger and illustrated by Matthew Cordell

This clever book tells a story entirely in poems narrated by the three main characters, Sam, his father, and his sister Lucy. Sam is excited about his fishing trip with his dad –just the two of them. But then Lucy wants to go too. Sam thinks she will spoil the trip. Then Lucy catches lots of fish and Sam doesn’t catch any, until late in the day when Sam finally catches a fish – and what a fish! He catches a huge catfish that makes up for not catching as many fish as Lucy. Sam’s attitude towards Lucy changes when she is not jealous of his big catch, but excited and proud of him, and later when she brags to the rest of the family about his catch. The story ends with Sam looking forward to another fishing trip with both his dad and Lucy. The book is illustrated with black and white line drawings. In addition to the entertaining story, this book can be used by adults as a resource for teaching children about poetry because each poem in the book is classified as to the type of poem it is and the end of the book includes a description of all of the poetic forms used in the book, including couplet, cinquain, acrostic, free verse, limerick, and numerous others.


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