Frank and Lucky Get Schooled by Lynne Rae Perkins

This is an interesting and fun picture book that packs a lot of information into it in a clever way. Frank is a school-aged boy and Lucky is a young dog. They found each other when Frank’s parents allowed him to adopt a dog from the local shelter, where Lucky was taken after being lost. Both are young, with much to learn. The book, in its amusing way, says that Lucky went to school 10 times, while Frank went to school thousands of times. But Lucky is always ready to help Frank learn. For example, Lucky was interested in science – he swam in a lake with ducks, he chased squirrels, he rolled in weeds, etc. He helped Frank learn about science by teaching him about ticks and burs that get stuck in dogs’ fur. He helped Frank learn about chemistry and experiments when he got sprayed by a skunk and Frank had to give him a bath with different shampoos to find one that took out skunk smell. And so on. Their favorite subject is geography – going outside and exploring their world. The book covers botany, entomology, chemistry, astronomy, reading, math, history, art, geography, and foreign language in a charming and fun way that involves the dog in each of the boy’s learning experiences. Cute watercolor and pen-and-ink illustrations detail each learning experience. I really enjoyed this book – I thought it was clever and a novel way to entertain and teach children and it is also really funny.


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