Cricket Song by Anne Hunter

This is a soothing picture book that uses nature to link children around the world. The book opens in what appears to be a coastal New England town with a child sleeping in his bedroom. The gentle text speaks of the breeze carrying the sound of crickets into the room. The text then goes on linking animals in the natural world to one another until the book ends up on the other side of the world, in a tropical location, with another child sleeping in her bed with the songs of crickets being carried through the window on the breeze. It is a clever way to show children that we are all alike in many ways, though we may live in different places, look different from one another, and have different beliefs or cultures. Nature is the great connector. Regardless of where we live, we can all appreciate the beauty of nature and wildlife. The watercolor illustrations in the book are soft and tranquil while realistically portraying animals in their habitats. A perfect bedtime book.


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