The Magician’s House Quartet (The Steps up the Chimney, The Door in the Tree, The Tunnel behind the Waterfall, The Bridge in the Clouds) by William Corlett

This is a fantasy series for children. Three siblings spend their school holidays with their uncle and his girlfriend in their large house in the countryside in Wales. While exploring the house, the children discover a secret room that leads them to a magician from the past who has traveled to modern times in order to protect the valley in which the house is located from the influence of an evil magician. The series has a strong focus on environmental preservation and animal rights, as the evil magician wants to industrialize the valley and destroy the natural habit of its wildlife. Through magic, the children are able to communicate with the local animal population and the animals help the children fight the evil magician to save the valley. This series will be especially appealing to animal lovers. It is serious in tone, with battles and death, so it is for older children.


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