Now One Foot, Now the Other by Tomie dePaola

This is a lovely picture about the special relationship between a boy and his grandfather. Bobby was named in honor of his grandfather, Bob. Bobby likes to hear his grandfather tell him how he helped teach Bobby to walk, by holding his hands and saying, “Now one foot, now the other.” When Bobby is five years old, Bob has a stroke and is hospitalized for several months. When he comes home, at first he can’t speak or walk. But Bobby doesn’t give up on him. He believes his grandfather understands what he is saying and begins to communicate with him by building a tower of blocks as the two of them used to do before Bob’s stroke. The roles of the two then become reversed – Bobby tells Bob stories and Bobby holds Bob’s hands as he takes his first steps after the stroke. Gradually, with Bobby’s help and encouragement, Bob recovers and learns to speak again and walk again. A gentle book about love and not giving up on people in the face of illness.


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