The Best Days Are Dog Days by Aaron Meshon

A sweet and humorous picture book for preschoolers about a day in the life of a little girl and her dog. Narrated by the most adorable French bulldog, he shares the activities of his day, paralleled by the activities of the girl. Bold, bright illustrations show us the girl on the left page and the dog on the right page as they go through their day. The day begins with the girl and dog both awaking in her bed. The girl eats pancakes for breakfast, while the dog eats kibble (and whatever crumbs fall under the table). After breakfast, Dad doesn’t like doing the dishes, but the dog does (as he licks the plates). Then they go to the park, where both the girl and the dog have a place to play and new friends to meet. Then, a potty break for the girl in the restroom and the dog beside a tree. Next, a stop at the grocery store and back home again, where both the girl and the dog get carried upstairs for a bath and then ready for bed. Both girl and dog get their teeth brushed, then a bedtime story for the girl and a tummy rub for the dog before sleep and looking forward to tomorrow. I liked this book because, as a dog lover, I felt what a wonderful life this lucky dog has. I wish such a loving family and happy existence for every dog. And what a lucky little girl to have such a devoted companion. A joyful celebration of family and friendship.


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