Horrible Bear! by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Zachariah OHora

This picture book teaches a lesson to those children who have trouble controlling their temper without being preachy at all, but funny and delightful. A little red-headed girl loses her kite – it rolls into a bear’s cave. She looks into the cave, where the bear is sleeping and the bear rolls over onto the kite and crushes it. The girl is so angry! She yells at the bear and stomps home in a rage. Meanwhile, the bear becomes indignant at the girl – after all, it was only an accident, he didn’t mean to break her kite. So he storms off after the girl, intending to invade her home and yell at her the way she did to him. Once the girl gets home, her anger continues. She accidentally rips the ear off her favorite stuffed animal in her rage. That stops her cold. She cries and tells her stuffed rabbit that she didn’t mean to break him. Once she says that, she realizes how unfair she has been to the bear. When the bear arrives at her house ready to wreak havoc, the girl opens the door to him and says, “I’m sorry.” This takes the fight right out of Bear and instead he helps the girl repair her stuffed animal. Afterwards, they return to Bear’s cave where she helps him clean up and together they fix the damaged kite.  Lessons about blame and forgiveness are delivered in a fun story with bold, colorful illustrations that add to the humor of the story.


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