Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

This is a very funny picture book about a bear named Bruce. Bruce is a bit of a curmudgeon, so when his egg dinner hatches and several baby goslings think he is their mother, he is determined to be rid of them. But they don’t want to leave him. He thinks he will finally be rid of them when fall comes and it is time for them to fly south, but they won’t go! What is Bruce to do? In the humorous and sweet ending, Bruce decides to spend his winters down south and bring the goslings with him, so they stay together.


There is a sequel to Mother Bruce, entitled Hotel Bruce. In it, Bruce and the geese return from their winter in Florida to find that while they were away, mice took over their home and turned it into a hotel! Grumpy, scowling Bruce finds a moose sleeping in his bed and several other animals in residence, including a porcupine, rabbit, and raccoon. He puts up with it that night and into the next day, but then he loses his cool and kicks everyone out. This book has hilarious illustrations as in the first book and lots of humorous situations caused by the myriad animals staying in the house, including a beaver eating the kitchen table, possums having a pillow fight, and a fox trying to convince a group of turtles to take a bath in some hot water boiling on the stove! Another very funny adventure for Bruce.


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