Fortune’s Magic Farm by Suzanne Selfors

Ten-year old Isabelle was left on her adoptive grandmother’s doorstep as an infant. She has grown up in the dismal town of Runny Cove, listening to her grandmother’s stories of her youth, when Runny Cove was Sunny Cove and a happy place. Now it never stops raining and the residents have never seen the sun. Isabelle and her grandmother work for a slave-driving boss named Mr. Supreme in his umbrella factory and live in the boardinghouse of a cruel and selfish woman. Now, her grandmother is ill and unable to work, so Isabelle works extra shifts at the factory, always cold, wet, and underfed. It is the only life she has ever known. But with the love of her grandmother and her best friend and her unwavering belief that someday, something special will happen to her, she manages. Then one day, something magical happens and Isabelle discovers she is the heir of a family that tends the last magic farm in the world. She leaves Runny Cove and travels to Fortune’s Magic Farm, where she learns about her parents and her heritage. But what of those she left behind in Runny Cove? Isabelle is determined to save them. Will she have to choose between her new life and her old? Although it sounds dark, the book is very humorous and has a feel-good ending, in which the good characters get happy endings and the bad guys get their due in an appropriate manner for the age group. A fun and enjoyable fantasy for elementary school students.


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