Winter is Coming by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Jim LaMarche

This is a lovely, gentle picture book about a little girl in the country with a tree house who watches and sketches the wild animals in the woods near her family’s land as they prepare for winter. She begins her narrative in September, when it is still fall, but winter is coming, and concludes her narrative in late November, when winter weather arrives. The book is illustrated with watercolor paintings that are magnificent. The fall woods and animals including foxes, bears, deer, and wild turkeys are realistically and beautifully portrayed. I especially love this book because it teaches respect for nature and wildlife and includes bits of wisdom about the animal world that humans could learn from, such as animals do not waste, but take only what they need from the land, and animals don’t harm on purpose, but only to save themselves or their babies or for food. The author’s respect for wildlife shines through in the narrative and illustrations.


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