Trouper by Meg Kearney and illustrated by E.B. Lewis

This picture book is based on the true rescue story of the author’s dog, Trouper, and includes a photo of the real-life Trouper at the end of the book. Trouper was a homeless dog missing a back leg who ran in a pack with other homeless dogs. When they were all rounded up and sent to an animal shelter, all the other dogs were adopted, but not Trouper with his missing leg. Then a child found Trouper and fell in love with him and took him home. Before, Trouper had feared children because of stones being thrown at him, but now his boy is gentle with him and Trouper has a happy home. The book is narrated by Trouper and is so beautiful and heart-warming. The watercolor illustrations by award-winning illustrator Lewis are lovely and add to the gentle beauty of the story. A wonderful book to share with children that glows with love and kindness and also teaches acceptance of differences or disabilities.


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