A Cow, A Bee, A Cookie, and Me by Meredith Hooper and illustrated by Alison Bartlett

This is a delightful picture book about a boy and his grandmother spending time together baking cookies. They decide to make honey cookies and the boy asked what they need to make the cookies. I really like the book because the grandmother teaches the boy where the ingredients for the cookies come from. For example, she says they need a cow eating grass in a field. Why? Because the milk from the cow is churned into butter and the recipe calls for butter. They also need sugarcane plants for the sugar, bees and flowers for the honey, a hen scratching in the dirt for the eggs, the bark of a tree for the cinnamon, and a field of wheat for the flour. The book includes bright illustrations and a recipe for honey cookies at the end. This is a great way to cook with you children while also teaching them about the natural world and that our food does not come from the grocery store, but the earth.


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