The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

This classic picture book was written in the 1940s and won the Caldecott Medal. It tells the story of a little house in the country over generations. In the beginning, the house is built in the country at a time when horses and wagons were still the means of transportation. Charming illustrations show the changing of the seasons and the passing of years while the little house remains. As time goes by, the city gets closer and closer to the little house as technology changes the world – cars, highways, skyscrapers, and the like appear until the little house is no longer in the country, but in the midst of a big city and out of place. The little house was sad, missing the fields of daisies and apple trees that surrounded her when she was first built. In the end, a descendant of the man who first built the little house buys the house and moves her to the country, so the little house is happy again. I love this book because I am a country girl at heart – I hate the city and all the steel and concrete and crowds and pollution. I want green – fields, trees, flowers, open spaces, wildlife, and the like. The book can teach children how life has changed over the last 100 years and moved from an agrarian society to more urban and suburban neighborhoods and the illustrations are wonderful and really show the changes and the peace and beauty of the countryside.


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