Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

A delightful picture book about friends accepting one another as they are and that it is okay to be yourself. A baby fruit bat is traveling with her mother when they are attacked by an owl. The baby bat, Stellaluna, falls into a nest of three baby birds. The mother bird accepts Stellaluna in the nest, but insists she behave like a bird. So Stellaluna adapts to the birds’ ways, eating bugs and not hanging by her feet, though it doesn’t feel natural to her. In the end, Stellaluna is reunited with her mother and she and the baby birds remain friends, in spite of their differences. The book is beautifully illustrated with acrylics and colored pencils. The bats and birds are portrayed realistically, and the colors are striking. The book also features two pages of bat notes at the end with factual information about bats in general and fruit bats.


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