Stanley’s Party by Linda Bailey

A hilarious picture book with zany illustrations that add to the humor. Stanley is a dog whose people go out a lot. He’s a good dog and he knows he’s not supposed to sit on the couch. But one night when he’s home alone, he decides to see what will happen if he sits on the couch for just a minute. So he nervously climbs onto the couch. When nothing happens, he lays down on the couch and realizes how comfy it is! From there, he is soon playing loud music and raiding the refrigerator on nights his people are out. One day at the dog park, Stanley invites a friend over. Word spreads and that night, every dog in the neighborhood shows up for a colossal party at Stanley’s house. But as luck would have it, that is the one night Stanley’s people come home early! After surveying the destruction, his people start taking Stanley with him when they go out, so there is a happy ending all around. This book is the first in a series of books about Stanley.


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