One Duck by Hazel Hutchins

A lovely picture book in which a female mallard duck lays 12 eggs in a hollow of ground in a field. One day while sitting on her eggs, a farmer begins plowing the field to get it ready to plant his wheat crop. The duck hears the roar of the tractor getting closer and closer to her and becomes alarmed, but stays on her nest. The suspense builds up as we fear for the duck and her eggs. At last when the danger grows so close that she cannot remain, the duck flies up into the air away from the eggs. The farmer sees her and stops the tractor just in time. He moves the nest to an area he has already plowed, close to the original spot so the mother duck can find it. The next day, the farmer’s children see the mother duck with her newly hatched chicks walking to the pond. I love the compassion of the farmer, taking time to safely move the nest instead of just crushing it and killing all the chicks. As an animal lover, I seek out books that teach respect and compassion towards wildlife and I highly recommend this title. The book contains watercolor illustrations that accurately depict the duck and eggs and also explains the process of preparing and sitting on the nest.


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