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Dog vs. Cat by Chris Gall

A delightful picture book with hilarious illustrations that really add to the fun of the book. On the same day that Mr. Buttons adopts a dog from a shelter, Mrs. Buttons brings home a cat. The two animals must share a room, yet they have very different personalities so conflicts between the two arise. These conflicts are humorously illustrated and include Cat filling Dog’s water bowl with hairballs and Dog spreading catnip over Mrs. Button’s nice pillows so that Cat shreds them. Finally, they’ve both had enough and they build a wall to separate their room. But then, the Buttons bring home a baby! All the crying and diapers reunite Dog and Cat and they build their own spacious home in the backyard, including swimming pool, and are friends again. Kids will love this laugh out loud book and enjoy finding the funny details in the illustrations.


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