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Slob by Ellen Potter

Owen is an overweight 12-year old who is also a genius at engineering and electronics. He’s working on an invention that will show him something that happened two years ago, something that he needs to see. While working on his invention, he also has to deal with being picked on at school because of his weight, his crazy gym teacher who enjoys torturing him in class, the student who keeps stealing his cookies from his lunchbox, and his sister’s new obsession with dressing like a boy and calling herself  by a boy’s name while refusing to answer to her real name. As the story progresses, we learn more about Owen and his sister and the tragedy that changed their lives two years ago, which led to Owen’s obesity as he tries to fill the pain in his heart with food. Owen narrates the story and he is a sympathetic character with an honest voice. You will be drawn to Owen and find yourself cheering for him to succeed. The story is full of humor and heart. An excellent choice for realistic fiction for middle schoolers.


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