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Seaglass Summer by Anjali Banerjee

A warm-hearted book about 11-year-old Poppy spending a summer with her uncle on an island in Washington State. Poppy wants to be a vet and her Uncle Sanjay runs his own veterinarian clinic, so it is a great chance for Poppy to begin learning about the profession while her parents visit family in India. Poppy’s mom is allergic to pets, so she has never had a pet, and she is in for a summer of wonder and heartbreak as she helps her uncle in the clinic. At first she is overwhelmed and gets discouraged, but as the summer goes on, she begins to find her place. The book shows both the joy of being at vet, such as newborn puppies, and the heartbreak of death and suffering. Poppy’s uncle is a wonderful character, well-drawn and with a knack for knowing what to say to Poppy to encourage her and help her through some of the more difficult experiences she faces, and there are also other friends that Poppy makes on the island. The book is emotionally true and is a wonderful choice for any child, especially an animal lover.


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