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Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

The first book in a fun and clever new fantasy series by the author of the Dragon Slippers series. In this book, Princess Celie lives in Castle Glower with her parents and her older siblings Lilah and Rolf. Another elder brother is away at wizard’s college. Castle Glower is magical and adds rooms or towers or changes the location of rooms at its whim, as well as choosing the next king. Although Rolf is the younger son, the castle chose him, so he is the heir. Celie seems to have a connection with the castle and is mapping its many rooms and passages. After Celie’s parents and oldest brother are ambushed while away from the castle and presumed dead, Rolf is supposed to become the new king, but the castle doesn’t change his room or his parents’ room, which leads the children to believe that their family is still alive. Meanwhile, the king’s council insists on ruling for Rolf until he is older. Their nefarious plan is to put the prince of an adjoining country on the throne and take over the kingdom. With the help of the castle, the three children try to outwit the council and bring their family safely home. Also see the next books in the series, Wednesdays in the Tower and Thursdays with the Crown.


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