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A Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean

A poignant story about a girl named Cally whose mother passed away suddenly in a car accident a year ago. Since then, her father doesn’t speak about her mother and Cally feels like he is trying to make her and her brother forget her mother ever existed. Cally doesn’t accept this. She wants to talk about her mother, to remember her. At her mother’s funeral, Cally sees her mother, but no one else can see her and her father gets angry at Cally when she tries to tell him. To show her defiance to her father’s attitude, Cally stops talking. Each time Cally sees her mother, she also sees an Irish wolfhound. The dog, however, is a flesh and blood dog. A homeless man named Jed takes care of the dog, but Cally grows to love him and feels that he belongs with her. Her father won’t hear of it, though. There is some kind of connection between Cally’s mother and the dog, whom Cally calls Homeless. With the help of a new friend who is blind and deaf, Cally tries to change her father’s heart so he will let his wife’s memory in and also find a place in his heart for Homeless. The book has some sad moments, but it has a lovely and satisfying ending, appropriate for upper elementary and middle school children.


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