The Doghouse

The Doghouse by Jan Thomas

A funny picture book about a cow, pig, duck, and mouse who are playing ball when the ball goes into a doghouse. One by one, each animal goes into the doghouse to retrieve the ball, but they don’t come out. Mouse is left by himself and fears the worst when he calls out for Duck and the dog comes to the door of the doghouse and says that Duck can’t come out because he is having him for dinner. Uh oh. But it turns out Dog means Duck, along with Cow and Pig, are having dinner with him. In the end, Mouse joins them for dessert. A humorous story with bold and colorful illustrations. Another book of Thomas’ that I recommend is What Will Fat Cat Sit On? in which several animals worry that Fat Cat will sit on them until it is suggested that he sit on a chair. Then they ask “what will fat cat eat?” and the animals panic all over again.


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