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Katie Loves the Kittens by John Himmelman

A sweet picture book in which Katie the dog is so excited when her person brings home three kittens. She expresses her excitement over the kittens by howling and chasing after them, wanting to play and be friends. But the little kittens get scared by all the noise and movement. Katie then gets yelled at by her person, who doesn’t understand that Katie is expressing her love of the kittens. Katie is sad and disappointed that the kittens don’t want to play with her and her person is upset with her. But after some trial and error, Katie discovers the best way to make friends with the kittens is to be still and let them come to her. This happens when, after a disappointing day, Katie goes off to her dog bed, only to wake up with all three kittens curled up with her. Controlling her excitement, she stays calm and the kittens are no longer afraid of her and they all make friends. Charming illustrations enhance this cute and funny story.



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