Widget by Lyn Rossiter McFarland

In this cute picture book, Widget is a homeless dog who goes through the cat door and finds himself in Mrs. Diggs house. He wants to stay, but the sight of six cats is a bit overwhelming. Mrs. Diggs would also like to keep him, but she isn’t sure if the cats would be willing to accept a dog living with them. So Widget decides to make himself agreeable to the cats in order to be able to stay peaceably. He purrs, plays with a pet mouse, and even uses the litter box! In this way, the cats accept his presence and he finds a home and family. Widget goes on acting like a cat until a day when Mrs. Diggs falls and needs help. Then Widget turns back into a dog, barking to bring help. After this, the cats accept him as he is. A sweet story of accepting others and their differences. See also a sequel, Widget and the Puppy.


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